[CROWE WEBINAR] Restructuring Your Company's Debt During the Pandemic

Businesses throughout the country in most industries have been adversely impacted by the pandemic, whether due to government-ordered closures, mandatory and voluntary quarantines, social distancing, workforce reductions, supply-chain shortages, or other issues. 


As a result, commercial borrowers are already, or will shortly be, defaulting on debt service payments and loan covenants. Borrowers are requesting payment delays, waivers, and forbearances from their lenders during this difficult period. One of the primary issues that both sides must address is the uncertainty surrounding the duration and severity of the pandemic, as well as its effect on the borrower’s business in the future. 


If your company is in a hard-hit sector, you might be struggling to comply with your debt and interest coverage. In this context, renegotiating loan repayment with lenders can help avoid bankruptcy and redundancies. If your company is operating on debt, restructuring can also provide much-needed "breathing space“ in easing its burden without affecting operations.


Financial constraints should not result in insolvency or your business ceasing operations. Join us MICCI and our member Crowe Malaysia as their expert Wong Fe Mei will share some tips for debt restructuring which is not a means to zero debt, but a change of terms to ease your company's burden and aim for business continuity. 


Here are the details:

Date: 25th November 2021, Thursday

Time: 12:30pm-1:30pm

Platform: Zoom and Facebook Live


Register at: https://forms.gle/7vV5EKmDyS9YhLfe9 (Registration closes on 22nd November 2021, Monday at 4pm.)