Buying and selling of chemicals, mainly oleochemicals.

Manufacture and marketing of paints and specialty chemicals.

Manufacturing of Polyester resins for powder coating industries.

  • Category: Chemicals/Minerals
  • Address: PT 12701, Tuanku Jaafar Industrial Park Seremban Negeri Sembilan Malaysia
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  • Phone Number: 06-676 3333,06-676 3138

Manufacturing of synthetic resins for coating and paint industries.

Manufacturing and distribution of agricultural and industrial chemical products, shipping and transportation; provision of engineering services for oil & gas industry; software development and provision of consultancy services in the area of information technology; manufacturing and marketing of vinyl-coated fabrics, calendered film and sheeting and other plastic products, including geo-textiles and pre-fabricated sub-soil drainage systems; design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of switchgear and other electrical engineering products; manufacturing of roofing rotomoulded bulk containers.

Chemicals: Inorganics, Petro-chemicals, Inter-mediates; Plastics: Performance Polymers, Poly-urethanes; Performance Products: Care Chemicals, Performance Chemicals, Dispersions and Pigments, Paper Chemicals, Nutrition and Health; Functional Solutions: Catalysts, Construction Chemicals, Coatings; Agriculture Solutions: Crop Protection; Oil & Gas: Oil & Gas

Manufacturing, sales and marketing of acrylics monomers, oxo products and butanediol products.

Producing acetic acid for domestic and overseas markets.

  • Category: Chemicals/Minerals
  • Address: Kompleks Pentadbiran Petrokimia Petronas Kertih Terengganu Malaysia
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  • Phone Number: 09-830 5300

Manufacturing and trading of industrial chemicals.

Manufacture and sale of compound fertilizers; organic fertilizers; straight fertilizers; fertilizer mixtures.