Colour compounding of various thermoplastics for the injection moulding industry.

Manufacturing and selling of white cement and cement based products.

Printing on self adhesive label, display box, packaging materials

Manufacturers of ""TIGER"", ""HOUSE"" brand Ordinary Portland Cement; ""WALCRETE"" Masonry cement; ""CAP SAUH"" high sulphate resisting cement, and ""MASCRETE"" pulverized fuel-ash cement.

Investment holding company with subsidiaries principally engaged in the manufacturing, importation, distribution and sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Manufacturing and sales of cement.

Manufacturing technical ceramics, mainly glove formers for the production of surgical, examination, household and industrial gloves, laboratory porcelain is included in this range.

Manufacturers of and dealers in plastics articles and products of every description and in particular plastic products and articles produced by injection moulding for vacumm hoses.

Manufacturing and sale of fiberglass yachts.

Manufacturing paper.