Northern Branch incorporates Penang, Kedah, Perlis  and some northern Perak areas. Penang branch, founded in 1837 is the ancestor of MICCI as we know today. It amalgamated with the Selangor and Perak Chambers of Commerce to be an enlarged Malayan Chamber of Commerce in early 20th century. By 1974, the group restructured and was incorporated into a company limited by guarantee and renamed the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Organization Chart

Chairperson: Mr Michel Van Crombrugge

Vice-Chair: Dato’ Sasedharan Vasudevan

Treasurer: Mr Lim Huck Khiam

Committee Members:

Dato’ Brian Tan Guan Hooi

Dato’ Danny Goon

Dr Mary Ann Harris

Mr Teoh Soon Beng

Dr Jason Teoh Poh Huat

Mr David Wilkinson


Additional Members:

Mr Anilarasu Amaranazan

Mr Caleb Lim

Mr Duncan Grice

Mr Vincent Philip

Mr Joel Solomon

Mr Fran Teh

Ms Nicole Thum Sook Lin

Ms Elaine Yue Wibisana

Ms Hemalatha Murugiah

Mr Herluf Nissen


Branch Manager: Ms Priscilla Anbu Dawson

Documentation Executive: Ms Sheila

Address : c/o PricewaterhouseCoopers Level 16, Bangunan KWSP, 38, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact Person : Tel: +6042270589 Fax: +6042279749
Email :