Ata Carnet

MICCI is appointed by the Royal Malaysian Customs as the guaranteeing agency for the issuance of ATA Carnet documents for the temporary importation of samples, exhibition materials and professional equipment into foreign countries without duty.

An ATA or MICCI/TAITRA Carnet (pronounced ‘kar-nay’) is an international customs and temporary import-export document. It is used to clear customs in 77 countries without paying duties and import taxes on merchandise or equipment that will be re-exported.

Carnets are solely issued by Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce And Industry (MICCI) in Malaysia, which is an affiliate of the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) Paris. ATA Carnets can be used for hand-carried instruments and equipment as well as freight.

The Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) issues two types of carnets: ATA Carnet and MICCI/TAITRA Carnet. MICCI/TAITRA Carnets are used for temporary imports in Taiwan. ATA Carnets are used for the other countries that are members of the carnet system.

Both shipped and hand-carried goods or equipment are eligible to be listed on a Carnet. Goods covered include:

– Commercial sample
– Professional Equipment (Tools of the Trade)
– Goods for display or use at Events, Fairs & Exhibitions

Contact the MICCI Processing Department at +603-62017708 or email if you are unsure whether your merchandise or equipment is covered under the Carnet system.

– Perishable and/or consumable and/or disposable goods
– Items already sold or offered for sale
– Unmounted gems or gemstones
– Goods intended for processing or repair
– Vehicles intended as means of transport
– Postal traffic

When using the international customs document, The Merchandise Passport, it:

Reduces costs to the exporter. Eliminates value-added taxes (VAT), duties, and the posting of security normally required at the time of importation.
Simplifies customs procedures. Allows a temporary exporter to use a single document for all customs transactions, make arrangements for entry to many countries in advance, and do so at a predetermined cost.

The holder must comply with the customs regulation of the foreign countries. Goods imported under a Carnet must not be sold and must be re-exported within the period approved. Improper use of a Carnet may result in an assessment of duties, taxes and penalties. Follow the rules governing the use of a Carnet before your departure or ensure your authorized representatives, customs brokers or freight forwarders handle your shipments within the prescribed guidelines of foreign countries.

– Traveling Business/Sales Executives
– Technicians
– Fair Exhibitors
​– Professional Individuals and Teams
– Surgeons
– Architects
– Entertainers
– Engineers
– Freight Forwarders etc

An ATA Carnet consists of green covers (front and back) and counterfoils and vouchers.

The front green cover is the principal page of a Carnet, which includes the holder and Carnet information, customs certificate to initiate the Carnet, and the original General List. Foreign customs may deny entry of goods under a Carnet if the green cover is neither signed by a Holder/authorized representative nor validated by Malaysian Customs for initial departure. Back green cover contains “Notes on the Use of the Carnet.”

Counterfoils and vouchers (colour-coded) are control documents. Counterfoils should remain in the Carnet for use by the holder. Vouchers are removed and kept by customs. Counterfoils and vouchers are always issued in sets of two and are colour-coded.

Yellow counterfoils are used for exiting from and returning to Malaysia. White counterfoils and vouchers are used for entry into and departure from foreign countries; and Blue counterfoils and vouchers are used for transits. Transits are most often used when merchandise is conveyed by land and must pass through or stop in a country that lies between the country of departure and the next country of entry (e.g. leaving Austria to go to Italy, but passing through or stopping in Sweden)

ATA or MICCI/TAITRA Carnet Document
Each carnet document costs RM20.00 (inclusive 0% GST).
Each carnet document includes 1 set of Front & Back Cover, Counterfoils and Vouchers.
Each carnet document is allowed to be used for up to a maximum of 8 entries to a foreign country.
Fees described in the table below are payable via online transfer (preferred) / bank draft / company cheque.
Over-the-counter purchase of Carnet Forms are payable via debit/credit cards or e-Wallet only.

Description Fees (RM) Notes
Base Carnet Processing (MICCI/NCCIM Member) 550 3-day process
Base Carnet Processing (Non-Member) 700 3-day process
Next Day Processing 100 + Base 24-hour process
Express Processing 250 + Base Half-day process
Additional Entries (per entry) 50  
Carnet Form (per set) 20  
Additional Form Sheets (per sheet) 2  

This deposit amounts to 50% of the value of the goods covered by the Carnet or equal to the highest rate of duty and taxes applicable to the goods in any country of destination and transit, if applicable, an additional of 10% - whichever is higher. The security must be in the form of either:

– Online transfer (preferred)
– Banker’s draft
– Bank guarantee (if the amount is in excess of RM20,000 and is required to be valid for a minimum of 31 months from the date of issue)

Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce And Industry reserves the right to sight goods covered by an application for an ATA Carnet and to ask for any relevant documents to verify the declaration made.

The issuance of an ATA Carnet is at the absolute discretion of the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry which reserves the right to refuse to issue an ATA Carnet without assigning any reason for the exercise of the Chamber’s discretion.

Highlighted countries have restrictions on intended use of goods covered under Carnet. Hover over them to view. 
CS = Commercial Sample     EF = Exhibition & Fair     PE = Professional Equipment

Albania Algeria Andorra
Australia Austria Bahrain
Belarus Belgium/Luxembourg Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brazil Bulgaria Canada
Chile China Cote d’Ivoire
Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland
France Germany Gibraltar
Greece Hong Kong, China Hungary
Iceland India Indonesia
Iran Ireland Israel
Italy Japan Kazakhstan
Korea Latvia Lebanon
Lithuania Macao, China Madagascar
Malaysia Malta Mauritius
Mexico Moldova Mongolia
Montenegro Morocco Netherlands
New Zealand North Macedonia Norway
Pakistan Poland Portugal
Qatar Romania Russia
Senegal Serbia Singapore
Slovakia Slovenia South Africa
Spain Sri Lanka Sweden
Switzerland Thailand Tunisia
Turkiye Ukraine United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom United States Viet Nam