Involvement in Chamber activities provides access to top business leaders, key Government agencies, Minister’s and Officials.

MICCI is regularly consulted by the Government on issues related to the business community. This provides opportunities for members’ views and concerns to be heard which has led us to become the longest serving ‘voice for business’ in Malaysia.

Issues and Problems
MICCI’s 8 primary councils actively monitor and pursue issues concerning trade, environment, expatriate employment, human resources, foreign investment regulations, taxation, energy and infrastructure requirements.

Business Networking
Many MICCI members involve themselves in Chamber activities which provide chief executives and senior management with access to the latest business information and an avenue to develop good business contacts nationally and internationally.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Members are listed on the Chamber master directory on the MICCI Website at The MICCI eEvents, a synopsis of key business events and business opportunities are issued weekly by email.

The Chamber’s Secretariat provides extensive business information service. Direct consultancy is available on most issues. The Chamber sends regular circulars to keep members abreast with changes in Government policies, regulations, directives and incentives.

Social Networking Opportunities
MICCI creates dynamic business connections for Members through social and business networking events throughout the year.

Members enjoy priority access to the Chamber’s reference library.

Preferential Prices
Members enjoy preferential rates for events organised by the Chamber such as business briefings and seminars and issuance of commercial documentation, i.e. ATA Carnets and Certificates of Origin.

The ‘Member-Use-Member’ programme encourages members to use goods and services of member organisations.

Other Business Groups
The Chamber serves as a link to other local and international business groups such as the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce and the Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce.

APEC Support Letter
The Chamber provides support letters for its Members who intend to apply for the APEC card, which is one of the requirements from the Department of Immigration.

There are three types of membership, Premier Membership, Ordinary Membership and Associate Membership.


Any company registered and authorized to carry out business in Malaysia. A company’s Membership Category is based on its Issued Capital or number of Employees. Should a company qualify for more than one membership category, the membership category with a higher annual subscription will apply.

Any association, non-profit organisation, public university, or company registered outside of Malaysia. An Associate Member shall have the like rights and duties of an Ordinary Member save that it shall not be entitled to vote at General Meetings of the Chamber nor be appointed or elected as a member of the General Committee.

The annual subscription fees shall be due and payable in advance on the first day of January each year. A Member newly elected during the year shall pay subscription fees for the unexpired portion of such year, calculated from the first day of the month following the month in which the Member is elected. The MICCI Membership follows the calendar year commencing 1 Jan and expiring 31 Dec.


Download Membership Application Form HERE