[Arup Webinar] What Makes A Cultural Icon?

A thriving arts and culture sector is a vehicle for shared connection, and in Southeast Asia cultural venues are integral for celebrating identity and dynamic creativity.

Join our member, Arup’s webinar with Mr. Tateo Nakajima, Arup’s Fellow, and UKIMEA Technical Services Leader, on the complexity and creativity it takes to deliver successful cultural venues.

The event details as below:
Topic: What makes a cultural icon?
Date: 28th February 2023, Tuesday
Time: 04:00pm
Register at: https://info.arup.com/AUS-GL-WBN-2106-0223-SEA-AC-Webinar_01f-Registration-LP-Industry-Partner-Sites.html

The Keynote speaker, Mr. Tateo Nakajima, leads creative and passionate design teams shaping the world’s most memorable arts facilities, using his expertise in AV, acoustics and theatre design. As an Arup Fellow, he provides technical excellence on our most challenging projects and is a pioneer in innovation and design in the global Arts and Culture industry.