[QIU Webinar] Heart To Heart With Science

Our member, Quest International University (QIU) is organising a “Heart To Heart With Science” webinar, details as below:

Topic: Sustainable Wastewater Treatment: Photocatalytic Fuel Cell (PFC)
Date: 28th June 2023, Wednesday
Time: 4.30pm - 5.30pm
Platform: Google Meet
Register at: tinyurl.com/H2HJun2023

The water pollution and energy crises have adversely influenced global communities over the last century. The industrial boom indirectly contributed to water pollution, most notably in the form of direct pollutants discharged into streams and rivers. Photocatalytic fuel cells (PFC) have gained worldwide attention due to simultaneous organic wastewater treatment and electricity generation from such systems. The non-selective nature of the photocatalyst provides a broad choice of organic pollutants to be degraded by PFC.