MICCI New Member 2023 - HaloCheck Sdn Bhd

We are delighted to welcome Mr. Mark Leow Boon Kuan, Founder & Managing Director of HaloCheck Sdn Bhd from MICCI President, Vice Presidents, Branch Chairmen, General Committee, Executive Committee, management & staff.

HaloCheck is a tech company that offers identity verification and risk screening solutions that helps individuals and businesses prevent fraud and promote trust. With their extensive proprietary local criminal database spanning over 30 years and growing, they are dedicated to being your trusted first line of defence. With this wealth of information at their fingertips, they are equipped to help you mitigate risks and prevent potential threats.

Widely used for regulatory due diligence requirements such as:
- Anti Money Laundering Act by BNM
- Section 17A ABAC by MACC
- Employment Onboarding
- Vendor/Supplier Screening
- Partnership/Company Screening

Their goal is to make your onboarding process more secure, fast, easy and reliable, with just a few clicks on your device.