Strengthening Bilateral Ties: MICCI's Novgorod-Malaysia Trade Mission

MICCI is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of our recent trade mission with a distinguished delegation from the Novgorod region, Russia. Led by Olga Galaktionova, Deputy Minister and Head of the International Relations Department of the Ministry of Investment Policy of the Novgorod Region, and Mr. Oleg Shakhov, Deputy Chairman of the Government, the delegation included prominent figures from various sectors. MICCI, represented by Ms. Harpreet Kaur, General Manager, and esteemed representatives from leading Malaysian companies, including Mr. Sangar, Co-Chairman & MD of Vanguards Group; Dato Dominic, Director of BAR Formula; Nicole Loh, Export Manager at SB Tape; and Lim Ker Liy, Chief of Strategy at NYS International Freight, played a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and strengthening business ties between Malaysia and Russia.
This trade mission marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to enhance bilateral relations and explore mutually beneficial opportunities for trade and investment. Through productive meetings, networking sessions, and business matchmaking activities, MICCI and our partners facilitated meaningful dialogues and forged valuable connections between Malaysian and Russian businesses. The mission resulted in the identification of potential areas for cooperation and the establishment of new avenues for trade and investment between our two countries.
As we look towards the future, MICCI remains committed to nurturing these newfound relationships and exploring opportunities for further collaboration. We are confident that the outcomes of this trade mission will contribute to the growth and prosperity of both Malaysian and Russian businesses. Stay tuned for updates on the progress and future initiatives arising from this successful endeavor.