MICCI Hosted Malaysia - Romania Hybrid Webinar

We're thrilled to share highlights from our recent webinar where Malaysia and Romania came together to explore exciting opportunities in business, cybersecurity, and AI. MICCI set the stage with a warm welcome, followed by insights from the Embassy of Romania. HE Ambassador Nineta Barbulescu outlined the bilateral academic relations program, while Counselor Mr. Dan Barbulescu discussed recent academic consortia and business opportunities. Invest Romania, ANAMOB, UNPR & IQ Management, and esteemed representatives from Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Smart RDI SRL, ATIC & TechRo Group Ltd, Plant an App, Aiception, and BitDefender shared valuable insights in tech sectors like Agritech, IT, AI, and cybersecurity. Their presentations showcased the rich potential for collaboration and innovation between our nations.
We delved into the vibrant economic landscapes of both Malaysia and Romania, showcasing key industries ripe for investment and collaboration. From tech startups to established enterprises, there's immense potential for growth on both sides! Our experts shed light on the evolving cybersecurity threats faced by organizations in Malaysia and Romania. We discussed strategies, best practices, and regulatory frameworks to bolster cyber defenses and protect businesses in this digital age.
The future is AI-driven, and both Malaysia and Romania are at the forefront of innovation. We explored groundbreaking AI technologies, ethical considerations, and opportunities for collaboration in research and development. A big thank you to our speakers, participants, and organizers for making this event a resounding success! Let's continue the conversation and explore new avenues for collaboration beyond the webinar.
Special thanks to BitDefender for sponsoring this event. We appreciate your support in fostering collaboration and innovation in the cybersecurity landscape.
Missed the chance to connect? Reach out to fellow participants, speakers, and organizers to explore partnership opportunities and foster meaningful collaborations. Stay tuned for updates on future events and initiatives. Together, let's unlock new possibilities and drive innovation across borders!