It has been customary for MICCI Northern to host an Appreciation lunch or dinner for its Branch Committee members over the years. After all they serve on a voluntary basis and are supportive of the chamber and its activities. MICCI Northern not only recognises the Branch Committee members during its appreciation dinners but also their spouses, as 2 halves make a whole.
This year for a change, instead of the usual dinner at a member hotel, it was decided that a sunset cruise to view Penang from the sea followed by dinner would be great treat to all. A treat it was indeed. Penang Port Sdn Bhd (PPSB) the owner and operator of the Penang Ferry services availed their standby ferry for our use. While G Hotel Sdn Bhd catered for the event with a fabulous semi-buffet western dinner and staff to ensure that the dinner guests were well attended to.
Passengers embarked onto the ferry, Teluk Kampi, at Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal (SPCT) before it sailed to the Penang Bridge where they were allowed onto the roof top of the ferry to experience the stunning view of the Penang bridge and the surroundings. Sadly the weather did not cooperate to give a perfect sunset but the colours and hues as the sun went down and day turned to dusk made it a spectacular sight to behold. Teluk Kampi then sailed back to Gurney Bay while guests return to the deck where dinner was served. Lights came on along Gurney Drive and Gurney Bay was a whole different scene of blinking lights and darkness of the sea merge as a mesmerising ethereal canvas of Penang’s beauty.
G Hotel Catering had arranged well decorated long tables for the dinner, such that guests could be seated to enjoy the sumptuous spread prepared. After dinner the Branch Chairman, Dato’ Brian Tan Guan Hooi gave a very heartwarming speech to thank all present and especially those who were stepping down from their tenure as Branch Committee Members due to various reasons. They were Dato’ Seri Nazir Ariff, Executive Deputy Chairman of Aspen Vision Development Sdn Bhd, Ms Michelle Chee Melvin, Head Branch Distribution - Northern Region, Standard Chartered Bank, Mr Yeo Keat Lim, Regional Delegate BECIS Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Ms Nicole Thum, Senior Programme Director, Think City Sdn Bhd (KL) and Mr J Philip Vincent, Director, GSH Precision Technology Sdn Bhd. For their years of service on the Branch Committee they were each presented souvenirs as a memento for their keepsake. The Branch Chairman also took the opportunity to introduce and welcome the newly appointed Branch Committee members.
Like it was planned, a display of fireworks could be seen while the ferry sailed back to SPCT and the merriment and camaraderie continued.
The evening gave MICCI Northern the perfect opportunity to showcase its members - PPSB’s Sunset Ferry Cruise and G Hotel Sdn Bhd catering services. Their staff on duty to catered to our guests needs and were very accommodating.
As guests disembarked and bid farewell, we had collected many photographs to commemorate the evening.
A big shout out and thank you to all MICCI Northern Branch Committee Members, Penang Port Sdn Bhd and G Hotel Sdn Bhd for a beautiful experience.