[MICCI Media Release] CPTPP - No U Turns Please!

During the Budget 2023 Dialogue held with the Prime Minister, he stated that the Malaysian debt deficit is at an untenable level and fiscal structural reforms will have to be undertaken and he pleads that all Malaysians will need to bite the bullet for a better future.

The CPTPP will be one of the reforms that opens up new opportunities and forces us out from mere “jaguh kampungs” to international players.

There’s a Chinese saying, if we continue to fear there’s “a ghost at the bow of the boat and thief at the stern”, we will not be able to progress.

When will we cut our apron strings if we continue to be fearful?.

There’s those that say the CPTPP diminishes our sovereignty.

It’s only by cutting our apron strings that gives us our sovereignty.

To read our president’s full media statement, please click on this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l1PDXNsoGs5Ni_490N_xIE03yr1ye_JU/view?usp=sharing