Micromechanics’ New Building Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony for Micromechanics’ new building (inclusive of car park), approx. 4,500 m2 was officially opened on Friday, 5th Mar 2021 by the CEO of Micromechanics, Mr Avril Herve from Switzerland and our Landlord Mr Lee Chee Ming.

The session was witnessed by the respectable Chief Executive Officer of Invest Perak Encik Abdullah, Chairman of MICCI Perak Dato Lim Si Boon, Manager of MICCI Perak Branch and the Members of Management of Micromechanics.

It was a significant breakthrough for Micromechanics to pursue on such endeavours during these challenging times. The drives and pushes was of visions and insights of the CEO of Micromechanics.

It indirectly also confirms the trust and confidences over the local people and the Local Management Team by Mr Avril and the Swiss counterparts as whole.

The opening also signifies the transfer of key activities from the Mainland China in order for Micromechanics to be vigilant of the competitive challenges”.