[MEDIA STATEMENT] 145,000 Grab and Foodpanda riders covered by SOCSO

The Social Security Organisation (SOCSO), Grab Malaysia and Foodpanda have released a joint media statement on 16th July 2021, Friday, regarding those in the gig economy sector being covered by SOCSO. 


MICCI applauds our Digital Economy Group (DEG) members Grab and Foodpanda in taking steps to protect their delivery partners especially during these turbulent times when their services are in increasing demand. 


Grab Malaysia and Foodpanda have registered almost all their delivery partners with the SPS Lindung programme. The Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) will now provide coverage for more than 145,000 riders. This includes food delivery riders, walkers and parcel delivery partners in the gig economy sector. 


Grab and Foodpanda are the first among the 133 service providers to ensure that their riders are under SOCSO’s Occupational Disaster Scheme. The yearly contribution through SPS Lindung will be RM232.80 under Plan Two of the SOCSO Self Employment Social Security Scheme.



To read the joint media statement from SOCSO, Grab Malaysia and Foodpanda, click here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j_k2WePIr5eo1nzbYeHQiEjDk-dTSBOF/view?usp=sharing